The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon


What is all this about you ask?  Well, if you watch the movie the Wizard of Oz on videotape or DVD (laserdisc has to flip disc sides and introduces some time lag that will throw the syncronization off) and play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon cd along with it, you are supposed to notice a surprizing synchronization between the two.  Dark Side becomes the Wizard's soundtrack.  You are supposed to start the cd at 00min 00sec right after the MGM lion roars the 3rd time.  Put the cd player on repeat because the cd will run 2 and a half times through before the movie ends. I had heard about this a few years ago and wanted to try it.  I guess I forgot 'cause I still haven't done it.  I want to try it soon. Since other people have written much about this, I will refer you to a few pages so you can read what they wrote:  

Sorry about the color of the page.  I wanted it to be like the Emerald city in the Wizard of Oz.  After you stare at this page for a while, all white light looks reddish...