Mixty Trading company's DVD modification chip review

It looks like Mixty Trading Company's (www.mixty.com) DVD Modification chip does not work.  The maker of the chip DVD Charger admitted that the chip does not function in the Panasonic A-110.  That would be fine if either company had said that on their website.  Their websites say that it works!  That is VERY misleading. Mixty offers modification chips to expand the features of DVD players such as disabling Macrovision video distorting circuits.  The Mixty webpage at http://www.mixty.com/dvd/chip.html claims that the chip works on dvd players from manufacturers such as Panasonic, Dennon, Yamaha and Thompson.

I ordered one of their modification chips for my Panasonic A-110 in December 1998.  Patrick Koers (pkoers@mixty.com) of Mixty Trading Company said he received my international money order on the 11 of January, 1999.  At the end of May 1999, I finally got the chip after 4 months of waiting.

When I got the chip, it was a PIC 12C508 in an anti-static tube with installation instructions from DVD-Charger!  DVD Charger is a web site of a German company that is making DVD modification chips.  It looks like Mixty sold a chip to me, bought a chip from DVD Charger, and shipped the chip to me.

I installed the chip carefully in the dvd player per the instructions and photos in the installation manual.  I have 5 years of surface mount technology printed circuit board design experience and 5 years of surface mount technology proto-type building experience behind me, so I believe the installation was correct.

As it stands now, no one at Mixty will help me and the DVD-Charger people will not diagnose the non-functionality because I didn't buy the chip directly from them!

The bottom line is that the chip DOES NOT function with the Panasonic DVD A-110.  If I waste any more time on this venture, I'll type up the results.